Thursday, 4 April 2013

Portable Swamp Coolers for Low Humidity Heat

If you happen to live in a hot climate that has low humidity levels, or what is commonly described as dry heat, then one of the best and most economical ways to keep cool is to have a swamp cooler to chill the air. These low power alternatives to regular portable air conditioners are perfect for cooling individual rooms in your home or office when the temperature rises during the hottest days of the year.

Of course, how you keep cool is completely up to you. Most people still choose a regular room aircon unit over the cheaper to buy and run swamp cooler. This is not because they are any better but because they don't know about this alternative. It's an expensive omission!

But for those who know, owning an evaporative air cooling unit is a highly satisfying thing. Just knowing that you can keep just as cool as the guy next door for a fraction of the cost is one thing. But seeing the evidence in black and white when you receive your power bill for the month is the sweetest part of it.

However, I just want to stress that swamp coolers are really only for cooling a room if you have low humidity. If you have high humidity, their effectiveness at chilling the air is reduced and gets lower as the percentage humidity rises.

So don't make the mistake of rushing out to buy an evaporative cooling unit if you have hot, humid air as you'll be returning it right away, grumbling that it doesn't work! Just a heads up, there.

Knowing how to stay cool in the heat of summer in the most economical way available to you depending on your "kind" of heat is important. So make sure you get it right and if you do enjoy dry heat, then grab yourself a swamp cooler and watch your room temperature drop by as much as thirty degrees as these innovative units do their thing!  

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