Monday, 25 March 2013

Sensible Air Conditioning Practices

Enjoying the blissful cooling capability of your own air cooling solution whatever it may be, provides a thankful respite from teh relentless heat of summer for many people. However, while it may be a natural reaction to the hot weather to want to crank up the aircon to the max in an attempt to stay cool anc comfortable during summer, it should also be remembered that at the end of the month, someone has got to pay for all the power.

Make no mistake, an air conditioner can use a scary amount of power to keep yoru home cool, so you may be interested in what you can do to keep things sensible in that area. This article will take a look at some helpful tips you might want to follow to help keep your energy consumption in check while still enjoying a cool atmosphere in your home.

Practice Economical Thinking

The first thing that should always be lodged in you mind is sensible economy when it comes to your home's power consumption during summer. If you're running a large HVAC system, your first point of call should be the thermostat. You can actually reduce you system's power consumption quite dramatically simply by turning the temperature dial a few notches.

A comfortable room temperature is around 72 degrees (F), so if your temperature control is set to anything lower than that, you are wasting electricity. How many of you have it set to 70 or even as low as 68? I know plenty of my friends do just that without realizing how much harder their system has to work to maintain that indoor temperature.

It's actually quite normal to err on the cool side when setting your aircon's thermostat during very hot weather, but this is a mistake that can prove very costly when your monthly power bill drops through your door! Make opening that bill a more bearable experience by turning down the dial!

Do You Need HVAC?

In many homes, having a big HVAC is not even necessary, especially when there are not enough people actually living in the house to warrant keeping every room super cool. Some homes are occupied by only one or two people at any given time, so it makes a lot better sense to have one or two portable air conditioning units to keep only the rooms that are actually occupied cool!

Not much point in keeping a whole room cool just so the cat can enjoy curling up in a thick pile of blankets! And do you really need a super cooled kitchen or bathroom? Probably not.

Swamp Cooler Option

Aside from turning down the dial a few notches so you don't waste so much power, there is another option that is more power-sensible as long as you live in an area with a dry heat (low humidity) and that's a swamp cooler. These units, as explained in earlier posts, only use a fraction of the power to blast out cold air into a room and are much more environmentally friendly to run too.

So there's a few things to think about next time you're sitting in your home huddled in a blanket in the moiddle of summer while you aircon system icres up under the strain of trying to turn your home into a walk-in freezer!

Be sensible with temperature and you can save money as well as be kinder to the power company!


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