Tuesday, 10 May 2016

How a Swamp Cooler Can Work in Humidity

It's well known that an evaporative air cooler won't work in high humidity. Or will it? Discover how to get some cool air from a swamp cooler in humid conditions as I reveal the secret many people don't know about!

First of all, the main problem people have with evaporative air cooling devices is their ability to produce nice cold air is seriously curtailed when the humidity level increases to high levels. This happens because in order to produce the cooling effect, the air needs to be dry enough to absorb the moisture being added to it by the evaporation process.

When the air becomes saturated (100% humidity) it cannot absorb any more moisture and the cooling stops. At this point, most people give up trying and either return their cherished cooler to the store they bought it from, or they get onto consumer websites and complain with such verbosity that the sky might as well be falling!

Tackling the Problem at its Source

When the "it doesn't work anymore" mindset is activated, there is not much the owner can or will do, so the only solution they see is to replace the low energy cooler with a more expensive (to run) air conditioner. But they are not going at the problem the right way.

The fault is not in the device at all. It is in the climate or environment it is being used in.

A common mistake people make is to treat their swampie like an air conditioner and close all the windows and doors to "keep the cold air in." While that's good practice for AC, it is the kiss of death for an evaporating air cooler.


The reason is pretty simple and you'll kick yourself if you didn't think about this:

As an evaporating cooler operates, it is by its very nature adding moisture to the air in a room. If the room is closed in (all windows, doors and other openings are closed tight), the air in that room becomes more and more humid over time until it reaches 100% saturation point.

Totally Humid

At that level, the cooler keeps pumping out a breeze but it stops being cold. The solution is annoyingly simple.


That's right! The simplest way to prevent the air's moisture level in a room being artificially raised to saturation point is to allow fresh air to circulate in from outside.

You can even place the cooling unit in front of the open window so it draws dryer air in from outside and cools it in the room. While it won't make the room as cold as an AC with everything shut tight, it will make it more comfortably cooler than it would be without any temperature control.

The logical thinking here is that by opening a window, you are letting warm air in from outside and wasting the coldness inside. That would be true if you were using AC where you should be doing everything possible to limit the amount of electricity it uses, because it uses a heck of a lot!

Sacrifice a Few Watts

But with a swamp cooler, which uses around 1/20th the energy of AC, it is not so critical to try and conserve every precious degree of coolness by sealing the place up extra tight. You can afford some wastage, which is actually a good thing because it means you can keep enjoying cool air indoors as well as it being freshly cycled from outside.

This is actually much preferable to breathing in stale, recycled indoor air that is very dry and harsh on the lungs (as many AC users will well aware of). Fresh, moist air is good for the respiratory system as well as for a person's health!

The major point here is that you do not need or want to be cold inside your home during summer. You just want to be comfortable and not too hot. A swamp cooler running with an open window will provide enough coolness to make it comfortable and still not cost you any more than a fraction of running an AC.

The Solution is Simple

And there you have the simple, yet wonderfully effective solution. When you run your evaporative cooler by an open window, it keeps cooling you even when the outside humidity rises above 50%, in many cases much higher.

As long as the inside humidity is kept to the same as outside and not allowed to be increased by the evaporation process and no way to cycle with fresh outside air, you can enjoy a cool breeze from your appliance and not get angry with it or feel the need to return it simply because you didn't know how to get it to work just by opening a window!

Annoying, isn't it? But on the other hand, good to know!

Monday, 15 February 2016

Best Rated Portable Evaporative Coolers (2018 Update)

Are you looking for the most amazing deals on the best portable evaporative cooler models you can buy in 2018? I know a secret you'll want to know too but you'll need to read this page to find out what it is.

I believe I'm right in saying you want a means of keeping cool in the heat of summer but you don't like the high utility bills that you get when running air conditioning in your home or office space. Am I pretty close? Thought so!

A much more economical alternative to AC that will still give you all the cold air you desire in a portable, vent free package is the ever more popular evaporative cooling unit. It's the genre of products this website is not surprisingly highly focused on, after all.

Top Rated Free Standing Evaporative Cooler

Honeywell CO25AE Portable
Evaporative Air Cooler

best vent-free portable evaporative cooler

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In my experience over the last two years, certainly, the top model of the non-AC class of air cooler has consistently been the Honeywell CO25AE. This year it still beats all the other models in its class for sheer cooling power, capacity, ease of use and features as well as its incredible economy rating and low purchase price over comparable portable air conditioners and coolers without exhaust vents.

With its very generous 6.5 gallon water reservoir tank and high power evaporating system and fan making it capable of cooling an area of up to 250 square feet by as much as 25 degrees, this model is simply the best I've ever used. It works indoors and outdoors, making it great for cooling you on porches, patios and terraces as well as in the home.

Sure, there are cheaper models but they don't stand up to this baby for sheer cooling power and long term economy.

You can buy the CO25AE online from Amazon by clicking the image or link on the right and get a really great deal on price as well as their free shipping deal if you qualify (see the info on shipping when you visit the target product page by clicking on the image).

The Best of the Rest

Just to show I'm not totally biased toward the Honeywell ventless cooler, I will also recommend two additional highly rated evaporative coolers that come a close second to the above. They're both on sale at Amazon at surprisingly low prices considering their capabilities, so be my guest and check them out as well if you want to see what else is available to get the job of keeping you cool well and truly done!

Luma Comfort EC110S
top ventless portable evaporative air cooler

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You'll love this stylish compact portable cooler that can chill a room of up to 250 sq ft by as much as 25 degrees. With a 1.75 gall water tank, it's smaller and lighter than the other models. However don't let its small size fool you.

It will provide several hours of continuous cooling before needing a refill. It comes with a convenient remote control and is easy to move around the place on its easy glide wheels.

This Luma portable cooler represents great value for money, is cheap to run and looks distinctively chic.
Port-A-Cool Cyclone 1000 CFM
best portable evaporative cooler made in USA

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This high power unit is made in the USA and as you'd expect, is of superior build quality and will perform better and last longer than the cheaper imported models. The Port-A-Cool Cyclone PACCYC06 1000 has a powerful room cooling capability of up to 300 sq ft by 10-25 degrees. It can also be used outdoors on patios, porches and anywhere people need some cool respite from the heat of the summer sun!

It has a massive water tank capacity of 8 gallons for long periods of cooling without needing a refill plus a standard hose fitting for continuous running. With two fan speeds and no complex electronic gadgetry, it is really easy to use.

Fully portable and easy to move around makes this model perfect for larger area cooling situations, with a very low carbon footprint and is very inexpensive to run!

Know Your Humidity Rating

To reiterate the most important factor about owning and using an evaporative or swamp cooler, you must have a relatively moderate to low humidity level in your area. These devices are NOT air conditioners and they will lose functionality when the humidity levels are high (above 60% is a ballpark figure).

If you live in a place that has high levels of humidity on average, please DO NOT BUY ONE because you may be disappointed. Unfortunately, the only effective way to cool your home or workplace when the humidity level is high is to opt for traditional air conditioning, even though it costs a lot more to run, with up to 20x the energy consumption of a comparable evaporative (swamp) cooler.

As I explained in another articles on this site, "What is a Swamp Cooler," these cooling devices work by chilling the air by evaporation. As more moisture is evaporated to produce cold air, the amount of moisture (humidity) rises in the room being cooled until it reaches saturation point.

When that point is reached, the effectiveness of the process is greatly reduced as the air simply cannot hold more moisture (reaching 100% humidity). For that reason, you need to keep a window open to allow air from outside to circulate and carry excess moisture out of the room.

This works perfectly well when the ambient humidity outside is low enough to absorb the additional moisture created by the evaporation process in the cooler. But if that ambient humidity is very high, the air is saturated and will not assist in keeping you cool.

Of course if you're lucky enough to live in an area with low to moderate humidity, you can take advantage of the low energy consumption and high output of these innovative air chilling machines. Go right ahead and buy one and enjoy the healthy cooling capability combined with low energy bills that these give you over conventional portable air conditioners and they don't need venting or an exhaust hose either!