Monday, 26 August 2013

What is the Best Ventless Air Conditioner on Sale?

People looking for the best ventless portable air conditioner that's on sale today can read this and discover a secret that will surprise and amaze you! I'm not talking about a revolutionary new kind of portable air cooler, because it hasn't been invented yet (at least not that I or anyone else knows about in this area).

What I am talking about is the best value, highest specification portable model that you can buy for the lowest price in its class and still provide unparalleled comfort on those hot days of summer without eating up a huge chunk of your power supply!

A Portable Air Conditioner that's Vent Free?

First of all, you have to remember that we're talking about a non-vented air conditioning unit here. That narrows it down a lot, because most portable aircon units have to be vented to the outside.

So we're actually talking about a "Swamp Cooler" or to give it the correct name, an evaporative air cooler. This kind of cooling device does not need to be vented to the outside because it doesn't produce any hot exhaust air (as you can read more about this kind of cooler in our article that covers "what is a swamp cooler")

For those of you who live in areas with high summer air humidity, look away now because these coolers are not for you!

Top Rated Portable Vent Free Air Conditioner Facts

Let's look at the evidence to suggest that one particular model is superior to others in its class. What exactly do you expect from a top rated, high spec swamp cooler? Let's take some examples:

  1. Superior air cooling capability
  2. Ability to cool a room quickly
  3. Ability to provide on demand cold air
  4. Lightweight, easy to move portability
  5. Small footprint for easy placement
  6. Low power consumption
  7. Good value for money

I think that just about covers the main points that interest folks looking to get a good value unit for their money without spending too much. So which are the contenders and what do we rate as the best unit for the money?

Affordable Swamp Coolers

The following coolers can be bought for less than you might think when you shop online at Amazon. Prices can vary without notice so please check out the following reviews on this site by clicking the title of the model that you are interested in below:

These are our top three value for money items for the lowest price and best specs. If you want higher specs and greater cooling capability, you need to spend more to get higher grade units. Some of the best of these are below:

Swamp Coolers Under $300

The following units can be bought for between $200 and $300 when you shop online at Amazon. Again, prices can fluctuate, so click the title to read the review before heading over to the sales page to get the most up to the minute price.

Swamp Coolers Over $300

A Step up in price gets you even higher specs. We have included these units for their high power cooling capabilities and other desirable features.

The last unit is expensive, priced at over $700. I included it as a high end contender for fastest cooling ability and sheer power for its relatively small size and power consumption.

The choice is yours at the end of the day. If this type of air cooling solution fits with what you're looking for, then go ahead and read our reviews. They will give you a better idea of what is available so you can see for yourself whether the price and features fit your budget and needs.


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