Ventless Air Cooling

Ventless Air Cooling

People who live in hot climates can read this and find out about ventless portable air conditioners and other cool air solutions that both save money and bring welcome relief from the heat. There are more options than many people realize and these are worth exploring and highlighting.

While this blog focuses on the style of air cooling units that provide cool or cold air without needing to be vented to the outdoors, we'll also be covering other kinds of cool air solutions for hot climates. That means looking at air conditioning systems, portable units and alternatives that can both provide a cold air solution as well as bringing economical answers to the problems of rising power costs.

Did You Know..?

Top Rated Portable Vent Free Air Coolers

When you're looking for a great deal on the best portable air cooler models that don't require an exhaust vent that you can buy right now in 2016, finding this page was a stroke of good luck! That's because I know the secret to how to find the right cooling device that you really want and I'm going to reveal that secret below!

But first of all, I want to take stock of the most important aspects to you that I believe will define what is right in the perfect appliance to keep you feeling cool when it gets really hot outside.
  1. You want to feel comfortably cool where you are
  2. You want a healthy atmosphere to breathe
  3. You want to save energy and money
  4. You want a cooling device that does not need to be vented to the outside

We all know that a portable air conditioner will provide plenty of cold air, but a true AC needs to be vented to the outside and costs a lot of money to run because it uses a lot of energy. So a traditional portable AC is not really what you want, isn't that right?

That's why you came here in the first place: looking for a healthy, low cost alternative!

Let's take those points above and get some perspective.

Comfortably Cool

Being comfortable in all weathers is a natural human requirement that can easily be satisfied with modern appliances in the home or workplace. They include air coolers, heaters and ventilation systems that come in all kinds of configurations to suit individual wants and needs.

But you still want to enjoy all the benefits of AC with efficient air cooling but with economical power consumption and no exhaust pipe or hose to vent to the outside, right? Right!

For staying cool during summer, instead of expensive, unhealthy and cumbersome air conditioners, I focus on evaporative air coolers (swamp coolers).

These beautiful devices provide plenty of cold, moist air (which is better for healthy respiration) but only use a fraction of the energy consumed by power-hog ACs.

And they do not require an exhaust hose to vent anything to the outside. Perfect!

Healthy Breathing

A clean, healthy indoor atmosphere is what we all want to breathe, there's no arguing that one! A big downside to AC is that is dries the air, sucking all the moisture out of it. This can be tough on the delicate lining of our lungs and is especially tough on children, even though we think they're pretty resilient to these things when they're really not.

Evaporative coolers work in the opposite way to AC in this respect, by adding moisture to the air, not taking it away. This makes for a lung-friendly atmosphere and while we're about it, it's also very good for our skin and complexion.

Dry air has an adverse effect on our skin, aging and lining unnaturally if we're exposed to it for too long. Moist air is the opposite, hydrating and keeping it young and supple. I think I know which you'd prefer to have!


In this day and age, the way energy is being wasted while prices keep rising as natural resources are used up can upset a lot of people. It upsets me!

So I personally prefer to use appliances that are economical with their power consumption for all the right reasons. Swamp coolers typically use 1/20th the energy that comparable ACs use to provide the same level of cooling. That, for me is a sure winner and I'm pretty sure it will be for you too.

Portable Air Cooling with No Exhaust Vent

We all know that a portable air conditioner will provide plenty of cold air, but a true AC needs to have all the hot air it produces vented to the outside. So a traditional portable AC is not really what you want, isn't that right? That's why you came here in the first place!

Swamp coolers don't use compressors or refrigerating gases, so they don't produce any heat! None! They give you lots of chilled, moist air with no ugly exhaust pipe for a fraction of the running cost of air conditioning. And they're generally cheaper to buy!

So with the important stuff covered, I'm sure you want to see what I can recommend as, in my own opinion, the best swamp (evaporative) cooler on sale today for all the right reasons.

Best Free Standing Evaporative (Swamp) Cooler

In my experience, the top model non-AC air cooler is the Honeywell CL30XC. It has exceptional cooling power coupled with a big capacity and is super easy to use.

Honeywell CL30XC Portable
Evaporative Air Cooler

best vent-free portable evaporative cooler

Visit Amazon for Details
This model features an incredible economy rating plus a surprisingly low purchase price when you buy online at a top store like Amazon over comparable portable ACs and other coolers without exhaust vents.

This model features a very generous 7.9 gallon water tank and powerful evaporating system and fan. It is capable of cooling a room of up to 320 sq ft by 25 degrees Fahrenheit or more and easily glides from room to room on its wheels making it extremely portable in every sense of the word.

You can purchase the CL30XC online right now from Amazon. I have provided a handy link that will open the relevant page on their website to save you time and hassle searching around.

Just click the image (or link below) to the right to see for yourself the great deal they're offering on price. You can check out other customer reviews while you're there and have peace of mind that you're buying from the world's best loved and trusted store.

Best Cooler for Smaller Areas:

If you have a smaller room size that you need to keep cool and don't feel that you need the superior air moving capacity of the Honeywell above, take a look at this stylish yet compact portable air cooler from makers Luma Comfort.

Luma Comfort EC110S

best vent-free portable evaporative cooler

Visit Amazon for Details
This baby can reduce the temperature by up to 25 degrees in a room up to 250 sq ft.

It comes with a 1.75 gallon water tank making it smaller and lighter than other models. Yet despite its deceptively smaller size, it can provide you with several hours of great cooling before it needs to be refilled with water.

The Luma can be operated by remote control and it is easy to move around on easy glide wheels. It's great value for money, costs pennies to run and its attractively stylish looks make it stand out from the crowd.

What Could Go Wrong?

With all the incredibly positive aspects to this type of cooler, you are probably wondering if there is anything bad about them and why doesn't everyone stampede to the hardware stores and buy them all up? Well, there is a disadvantage that limits their use depending on where you live.

Humid climates and evaporative coolers do not go well together. The higher the humidity, the less effective these devices are at producing very cold air.

They are therefore NOT recommended for areas with high humidity, but work best in naturally dry climates. So if you live in a place that has a very humid climate, I would not recommend you buy a swamp cooler but instead you'll need to budget for the increased running costs of a regular AC unit if you want to have that comforting coolness when it gets too hot to do anything else.

In these cases if you want a portable cooler, you are limited to a vented AC unit. That means having to connect an exhaust hose to a window venting kit or other custom wall vent and paying a bigger utility bill... but at least you'll be cool!

Latest Blog Posts:

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

How a Swamp Cooler Can Work in Humidity

It's well known that an evaporative air cooler won't work in high humidity. Or will it? Discover how to get some cool air from a swamp cooler in humid conditions as I reveal the secret many people don't know about!

First of all, the main problem people have with evaporative air cooling devices is their ability to produce nice cold air is seriously curtailed when the humidity level increases to high levels. This happens because in order to produce the cooling effect, the air needs to be dry enough to absorb the moisture being added to it by the evaporation process.

When the air becomes saturated (100% humidity) it cannot absorb any more moisture and the cooling stops. At this point, most people give up trying and either return their cherished cooler to the store they bought it from, or they get onto consumer websites and complain with such verbosity that the sky might as well be falling!

Tackling the Problem at its Source

When the "it doesn't work anymore" mindset is activated, there is not much the owner can or will do, so the only solution they see is to replace the low energy cooler with a more expensive (to run) air conditioner. But they are not going at the problem the right way.

The fault is not in the device at all. It is in the climate or environment it is being used in.

A common mistake people make is to treat their swampie like an air conditioner and close all the windows and doors to "keep the cold air in." While that's good practice for AC, it is the kiss of death for an evaporating air cooler.


The reason is pretty simple and you'll kick yourself if you didn't think about this:

As an evaporating cooler operates, it is by its very nature adding moisture to the air in a room. If the room is closed in (all windows, doors and other openings are closed tight), the air in that room becomes more and more humid over time until it reaches 100% saturation point.

Totally Humid

At that level, the cooler keeps pumping out a breeze but it stops being cold. The solution is annoyingly simple.


That's right! The simplest way to prevent the air's moisture level in a room being artificially raised to saturation point is to allow fresh air to circulate in from outside.

You can even place the cooling unit in front of the open window so it draws dryer air in from outside and cools it in the room. While it won't make the room as cold as an AC with everything shut tight, it will make it more comfortably cooler than it would be without any temperature control.

The logical thinking here is that by opening a window, you are letting warm air in from outside and wasting the coldness inside. That would be true if you were using AC where you should be doing everything possible to limit the amount of electricity it uses, because it uses a heck of a lot!

Sacrifice a Few Watts

But with a swamp cooler, which uses around 1/20th the energy of AC, it is not so critical to try and conserve every precious degree of coolness by sealing the place up extra tight. You can afford some wastage, which is actually a good thing because it means you can keep enjoying cool air indoors as well as it being freshly cycled from outside.

This is actually much preferable to breathing in stale, recycled indoor air that is very dry and harsh on the lungs (as many AC users will well aware of). Fresh, moist air is good for the respiratory system as well as for a person's health!

The major point here is that you do not need or want to be cold inside your home during summer. You just want to be comfortable and not too hot. A swamp cooler running with an open window will provide enough coolness to make it comfortable and still not cost you any more than a fraction of running an AC.

The Solution is Simple

And there you have the simple, yet wonderfully effective solution. When you run your evaporative cooler by an open window, it keeps cooling you even when the outside humidity rises above 50%, in many cases much higher.

As long as the inside humidity is kept to the same as outside and not allowed to be increased by the evaporation process and no way to cycle with fresh outside air, you can enjoy a cool breeze from your appliance and not get angry with it or feel the need to return it simply because you didn't know how to get it to work just by opening a window!

Annoying, isn't it? But on the other hand, good to know!