Ventless Air Cooling

Ventless Air Cooling

People who live in hot climates can read this and find out about ventless portable air conditioners and other cool air solutions that both save money and bring welcome relief from the heat. There are more options than many people realize and these are worth exploring and highlighting.

While this blog focuses on the style of air cooling units that provide cool or cold air without needing to be vented to the outdoors, we'll also be covering other kinds of cool air solutions for hot climates. That means looking at air conditioning systems, portable units and alternatives that can both provide a cold air solution as well as bringing economical answers to the problems of rising power costs.

Did You Know..?

Top Rated Portable Vent Free Air Coolers

When you're looking for a great deal on the best portable air cooler models that don't require an exhaust vent that you can buy right now in , finding this page was a stroke of good luck!

That's because I know the secret to how to find the right cooling device that you really want and I'm going to reveal that secret below!

First of all, I want to make a list of the most important aspects that I believe define what is right in the perfect appliance to keep you feeling cool when it gets really hot outside.
  1. You want to feel comfortably cool where you are
  2. You want a healthy atmosphere to breathe
  3. You want to save energy and money
  4. You want a cooling device that does not need to be vented to the outside

We all know that a portable air conditioner will provide plenty of cold air when you need it. However, a true AC needs to be vented to the outside.

Plus it costs a lot of money to run because it uses a lot of energy.

So a traditional portable AC may not be what you really want, isn't that right?

That's why you came here in the first place: looking for a healthy, low cost (but effective) alternative!

Let's take those points above and get some perspective.

Comfortably Cool

Being comfortable in all weathers is a natural human requirement that can easily be satisfied with modern appliances in the home or workplace. They include air coolers, heaters and ventilation systems that come in all kinds of configurations to suit individual wants and needs.

But you still want to enjoy all the benefits of AC with efficient air cooling but with economical power consumption and no exhaust pipe or hose to vent to the outside, right? Right!

For staying cool during summer, instead of expensive, unhealthy and cumbersome air conditioners, I focus on evaporative air coolers (swamp coolers).

These beautiful devices provide plenty of cold, moist air (which is better for healthy respiration) but only use a fraction of the energy consumed by power-hog ACs.

And they do not require an exhaust hose to vent anything to the outside. Perfect!

Healthy Breathing

A clean, healthy indoor atmosphere is what we all want to breathe, there's no arguing that one! A big downside to AC is that is dries the air, sucking all the moisture out of it. This can be tough on the delicate lining of our lungs and is especially tough on children, even though we think they're pretty resilient to these things when they're really not.

Evaporative coolers work in the opposite way to AC in this respect, by adding moisture to the air, not taking it away. This makes for a lung-friendly atmosphere and while we're about it, it's also very good for our skin and complexion.

Dry air has an adverse effect on our skin, aging and lining unnaturally if we're exposed to it for too long. Moist air is the opposite, hydrating and keeping it young and supple. I think I know which you'd prefer to have!


In this day and age, the way energy is being wasted while prices keep rising as natural resources are used up can upset a lot of people. It upsets me!

So I personally prefer to use appliances that are economical with their power consumption for all the right reasons. Swamp coolers typically use 1/20th the energy that comparable ACs use to provide the same level of cooling. That, for me is a sure winner and I'm pretty sure it will be for you too.

Portable Air Cooling with No Exhaust Vent

We all know that a portable air conditioner will provide plenty of cold air, but a true AC needs to have all the hot air it produces vented to the outside. So a traditional portable AC is not really what you want, isn't that right? That's why you came here in the first place!

Swamp coolers don't use compressors or refrigerating gases, so they don't produce any heat! None! They give you lots of chilled, moist air with no ugly exhaust pipe for a fraction of the running cost of air conditioning. And they're generally cheaper to buy!

So with the important stuff covered, I'm sure you want to see what I can recommend as, in my own opinion, the best swamp (evaporative) cooler on sale today for all the right reasons.

Best Free Standing Evaporative (Swamp) Cooler

In my experience, the top model non-AC air cooler is the Honeywell CO30XE. It has exceptional cooling power coupled with a big capacity and is super easy to use.

Honeywell CO30XE Portable
Evaporative Air Cooler

best vent-free portable evaporative cooler

Visit Amazon for Details

This model features an incredible economy rating plus a surprisingly affordable purchase price when you buy online at a top store like Amazon over comparable portable ACs and coolers without exhaust vents.

This model features a very generous 7.9 gallon water tank and powerful evaporating system and fan. It is capable of cooling a room of up to 320 sq ft by 25 degrees Fahrenheit or more and easily glides from room to room on its wheels making it extremely portable AND it works outdoors as well as indoors!

You can purchase the CO30XE online right now from Amazon. I have provided a handy link that will open the relevant page on their website to save you time and hassle searching around.

Just click the image (or link below it) to the right to see for yourself the great deal they're offering on price. You can check out other customer reviews while you're there and have peace of mind that you're buying from the world's best loved and trusted store.

Best Cooler for Smaller Areas:

If you have a smaller room size that you need to keep cool and don't feel that you need the superior air moving capacity of the Honeywell above, take a look at this stylish yet compact portable air cooler from makers Luma Comfort.

Luma Comfort EC110S

best vent-free portable evaporative cooler

Visit Amazon for Details

This baby can reduce the temperature by up to 25 degrees in a room up to 250 sq ft.

It comes with a 1.75 gallon water tank making it smaller and lighter than other models. Yet despite its deceptively smaller size, it can provide you with several hours of great cooling before it needs to be refilled with water.

The Luma can be operated by remote control and it is easy to move around on easy glide wheels. It's great value for money, costs pennies to run and its attractively stylish looks make it stand out from the crowd.

What Could Go Wrong?

With all the incredibly positive aspects to this type of cooler, you are probably wondering if there is anything bad about them and why doesn't everyone stampede to the hardware stores and buy them all up? Well, there is a disadvantage that limits their use depending on where you live.

Humid climates and evaporative coolers do not go well together. The higher the humidity, the less effective these devices are at producing very cold air.

They are therefore NOT recommended for areas with high humidity. They work best in naturally dry climates.

So if you live in a place that has a very humid climate, I would NOT recommend buying a swamp cooler!

Yes, really!

You would not believe the amount of people who live in a humid climate buy a swamp cooler then send it back because "it didn't work."

It's not that swamp coolers don't work (they DO in the right conditions), theirs just didn't work because it was too humid for it to work!

If you're in a humid area, my recommendation is that you'll need to budget for the increased running costs of a regular AC unit if you want to have that comforting coolness when it gets too hot to do anything else.

In these cases if you want a portable cooler, you are limited to a vented AC unit. That means having to connect an exhaust hose to a window venting kit or other custom wall vent and paying a bigger utility bill... but at least you'll be cool!

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Wednesday, 24 July 2019

How to Cool Down a Room with No Windows

If you want to know how you can cool down a room with no windows, here are some suggestions that are worth considering.

A windowless room in a hot building can feel like an oven during summer. If it's your room, chances are you don't exactly feel particularly comfortable.

In fact, a room without any windows can be a pretty dismal space for a bedroom and would be better used as a place for storing stuff that's not needed all the time. I'd call it a cupboard or a closet, actually!

What to Do with the Room?

Nevertheless, if it's your bedroom and there's no way you can move to a nicer room, you're going to need to do some work if you want to cool it down as well as to get some fresh air in there, as this type of room can get stuffy if you spend a lot of time there.

The first problem that needs solving is air flow. If you can leave your door open all the time, at least you'll be getting some fresher air circulating into the room. But there would also be times when you want some privacy and that means closing the door (and cutting off the supply of fresh air).

The first task is to create some air flow from outside the room when the door is closed. The first thing I would check would be to discover if an exterior wall is accessible from your room. It could be that one of the room's walls is an external one, just without any opening.

Having a window fitted, if that's possible, would be my first thought. That would solve the air flow problem and allow some fresh air from outside to get in while you have the door closed. Od course if it's really hot outside, that won't help you cool the room down.

Fitting Air Conditioning

There are several configurations of air conditioning equipment that could be installed in your room that would certainly cool it down.

First you would need to ensure that you can install a vent that would carry the AC's exhaust air to the outside of the building. A ductless (mini-split) AC unit would be best for this, as you could have it installed fairly easily without taking up any floor space.

The cooling unit goes high up on the wall and the condenser/extractor unit goes outside, with the two connected by concealed ducting through the wall.

If that's not feasible, the next best option would be a portable AC unit. However, you would still need to vent the AC to the outside, through a purpose-built vent through the wall.

It would be a good idea to buy a self evaporating portable AC to make it virtually maintenance-free.

Swamp Cooler

If air conditioning is not an option, for whatever reason, a second option might be a swamp cooler. These cooling devices don't need any venting to the outside, since they don't produce any hot air.

The only problem with a swamp cooler is they humidify the air as they run. If there is no air circulation (allowing air to get in/out of the room) the atmosphere in the room will get more and more humid, rendering the swamp cooler ineffective above about 50-60% humidity.

That means as the swamp cooler raises the humidity in the room, it actually reduces its own ability to produce cool air. What I'm saying is that swamp coolers don't work in high humidity!

Personal Cooler

There are a lot of small, "personal cooler" devices that are often advertised as mini air conditioners or personal air conditioners. They're NOT!

They are actually just small swamp coolers that use the evaporation of water to send out a puff of cool air. They work OK when the air is getting circulated from outside the room, but they are not much good for dropping the temperature in a room,

These are best for cooling you a little, but will still increase the humidity in a closed room. See above for my explanation of swamp coolers to see why they do that and how that will make them less and less effective the longer you run them for.

Ordinary Fans

A low-tech solution would be a regular fan to provide some air circulation and to cool you directly by having it blow in your direction. However, fans only blow air around the room at whatever temperature that air is.

They don't cool the air!

Unless you keep the door open to allow fresh air into the room, it will get stuffier and no cooler.

This also goes for ceiling fans, which are great for moving air around the room, but they don't actually cool the air either.


The only sure-fire way of really cooling a windowless room down is with an air conditioner. It will extract the hot air from the room and blow lots of nice cool air into it, while circulating that air and drying it in the process.

As long as you can have some form of venting fitted in the room to allow the AC to vent its hot air to the outside (of the building, not just to another room or it will heat it up), this may be your only viable solution.