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A Fully Self Evaporating Portable Air Conditioner

One of the major annoyances of portable air conditioning units is the need to keep emptying the water tray. Fully self evaporating models avoid this problem altogether by ensuring all the moisture that is normally condensed from the air is evacuated through the exhaust vent to the outside.

How does this kind of device do this and how does it differ from regular portable units that need emptying regularly? Let's take a look!

Air Conditioning and Condensed Moisture

One of the aspects of the air conditioning process is when the warm air that is taken from the room is being cooled, the moisture present in that air is condensed on cold coils in the system. In as simplified as I can way of describing it, that condensed water is normally allowed to simply drip down into a catcher tray located at the base of the unit where it collects.

As the tray fills with water, it needs to be emptied manually or it will eventually overflow as a puddle on the floor. Emptying the tray is a task that has to be done or the overflow will need to be mopped up, making it a chore and a kind of a nuisance.

Fixed AC units don't generally have that problem, as the condensing happens outside the building in the external condenser unit, where the excess water simply drains away to the soil. Window units have a drain pipe that either drips to the ground below or some people allow it to empty into a bottle if the condenser unit is located on or above a balcony.

An Alternative Approach

Self evaporating portable air conditioner models tackle the problem of condensed water in a different way. Instead of allowing the condensing moisture to form a puddle in a tray, a secondary process operates to either re-evaporate that moisture or send it to a misting unit.

That makes it possible for the moisture to be mixed with the exhausted hot air and removed from the building through the exhaust vent hose though a window or other outlet. You can read more about venting a portable AC without a window here.

The additional processing inside the unit is minimal, with regards to the impact on the power consumption, making it a very useful feature. This is something that can be a big selling point for people that have already experienced the problem of having to empty a water tray in the past and are looking for a more convenient alternative.

What is the Best Portable Self-Evaporating Air Conditioner?

By taking my own experiences and those of friends and acquaintances, I have settled upon a model that I believe is one of the best portable self evaporating AC units in terms of cost, running cost, power output and ease of use. That unit is featured below.

Whynter ARC-143MX

best fully self evaporating portable air conditioner

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This 14000 BTU Dual Hose Portable AC from Whynter includes a 3M antimicrobial filter that incorporates a patented advance auto-drain system. It works by recycling the moisture collected in the cooling process to actually enhance the production of cool air.

Add to that a dual hose operation that enables fast cooling and better economy, the ARC-143MX is perfect for general use in the home or office. It is especially suited to areas requiring low atmospheric moisture levels. These include computer server rooms, wiring closets or indeed anywhere that very low humidity levels are desired.

This great AC unit can be obtained from online stores as well as at physical hardware stores, although the online costs are generally lower (thanks to there being fewer overheads) and some vendors offering free shipping to mainland addresses. My store of choice is Amazon for their great customer service, free shipping on selected goods and general consumer preference.

There are other similar devices on sale at Amazon of course. Simply check out the alternative choices posted further down on the sales page of my feature unit (clicking the image above will take you directly to that page) if you would like to compare them.

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